Tis the Season for Saison

It’s interesting how beer styles become popular. Right now, everywhere I look I’m running in to some form of IPA – Imperial, Double, Dark – and Saison. I’ve never had a Saison , which is odd because I love Belgian beers. For my first Saison, I went with the gold standard, the one by which all others are measured: Saison DUPONT. It is a dry, refreshing beer. Perfect for the summer. I now get the appeal.


Having a good Saison under my belt – in my tummy – I stumbled across a local Santa Fe 25th Anniversary Saison 88. For $1.50 I had to get it. I loved the graphic on the can. Is it blasphemy to say I liked this one more than the Dupont? I did. A touch sweeter and with hints of grapefruit. My wife picked up on the citrus notes immediately and she was not a fan of the Dupont.


I’ve put Saison on my list of beers to brew. Besides being a delicious style of beer, Saison yeast likes a warm temperature, which in New Mexico is perfect. I don’t have to run my AC all day to protect my fermenting beer. It’s also a broad style which people seem to run with by adding hints of fruits or herbs. New Mexico lavender in a Saison? Maybe.


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