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Paler than Paul Ale: Fail

I bombed on this batch. The bottles were gushers. I focused on everything but cleanliness. I hate cleaning and it cost me.


I have taken two months off from brewing. My wife hated seeing me mad about my bad batches and said if i’m not having fun then I need to quit. She is right. She also made the point that if I am going to brew, I need to be more serious. I reread everything I have, and looked for new material. I am inspired again and confident that I can brew a great batch. It also helps that summer is over and that I moved to a house with a mud room that is consistently 58-62 degrees.


I will brew my pale ale until I perfect my technique. Then move to Belgians for summer – 70+ fermentation temperature time – and finally prepare for some Russian Imperial Stouts or Strong Ales when it gets cold again.


It’s on. Look out for my next post on Pale Ale II this weekend.


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