Porter, Smoked

Rauchbier and Stone Smoked Porter

In preparation and anticipation of my next homebrew – smoked wheat – I thought it a good idea to try a smoked beer – or maybe even two. I started with a Rauchbier, because like my first experience with Saison, go for the standard then branch out. And while I am trying a rauchbier, why not get the biggest and baddest? This beer smelled of a campfire, and not in the sitting by one having a beer with a clear sky good way but the I just got home from a 3 day camping trip and my clothes reek of campfires past bad way. Getting past this, you can taste the smoke. The beer is also a bit sweet. After a few sips, it starts to go down much smoother. I can understand how all the reviews are either love or hate. I liked it. It is by no means a beer for every weekend, but I am glad I tried it and it will be in my mind for special occasions – like while camping or getting my grub on with a rack of ribs.



On a lighter note, I tried Stone’s Smoked Porter. It did not compare to the rauchbier, but it brought back lingering memories. I wonder, if I never had the rauchbier, would the porter have tasted smoky? It was a good beer nonetheless. A tad bitter but i’m guessing that’s from the smoked grains. This is only my second beer by Stone and I have enjoyed them both – Arrogant Bastard Ale being the other.



I am sure my homebrew will be nowhere near as smoky or dark as the rauchbier or the Stone Porter, but am now salivating to try it.