Homebrewing, Smoked, Wheat

Bottling Smoked Wheat

Bottling day is judgement day. Unless something went terribly wrong, it is now that you can tell if this batch fermented properly. I tried a few new things with this batch- using a blowoff tube for the entire fermentation and a strictly controlled temperature-as strict as a bucket of water and ice can be. So I am justifiably nervous. We transferred the wort to a pot that had 1/2cup water and 3Tbsp of honey. It looked good, smelled like beer, nothing out of the ordinary.



I could count the wheat beers I have drunk on one hand. What a shame. I have really started to appreciate and enjoy them. I know I posted on my weekend beers and these were not on the list but brew and bottling day beers don’t count-that’s what I tell my wife. These are working beers required by my homebrew union.

I have seen these bottles at the store and they have always caught my attention so time to give them a try. The Ur-Weisse was sweet and refreshing. Just under 6% ABV made it a good working beer.

I also had to try the Altbairisch Dunkel. Hops are great but sometimes you want a nice malty beer and this hit the spot.

Beer wasn’t the only thing on the menu on bottling day. While I was cleaning and sanitizing everything, we peeled some freshly roasted green chile. Fresh green chile on a tortilla with a wheat beer…..one good Labor Day weekend.



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