Homebrewing, IPA

First Brew Finished: Brooklyn Brew Shops Everyday IPA


My First Homebrew: Everyday IPA.

I may have been impatient and popped a cap a week early, but managed to save the last six till they had been bottled for two weeks.

I am thrilled with the results of my first homebrew. Not only is it drinkable, but had I bought this at a store or been served at a bar I wouldn’t have had a clue it was homebrewed by a noob.

I had read complaints about the carbonation – that two weeks was too short and to wait three – but it seemed fine to me. You can see the bubbles in the photo. The head retention wasn’t as long as the one I popped after the first week, but it wasn’t bad. The hop aroma was strong and the taste was bitter – a good bitter, an IPA bitter. This tasted like real beer. Like honest to goodness, store bought beer – and better than some of the stuff they call beer in the store.

I am so pleased with my first Brooklyn Brew Shop Kit that I ordered another, the smoked wheat. Will try to brew it next weekend and post my photos.


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