Bottling Day: I’m a Cool Parent.

It has been two weeks and is now time to bottle my IPA. After reading all the horror stories about bottling, I figured that I should invest in a mini auto-siphon and a bottle wand instead of using a racking cane and hose clamp. Small batch brewing makes bottling a breeze too. 7-10 12oz bottles takes no time at all. And all the time spent sterilizing and cleaning is made fun by having my brother in law and a six pack with me.


Beer transferred to my bottling pot filled with honey.

We dissolved 3 tbsp of honey in 1/2 cup of water and transferred the beer to the pot. The siphon and wand made it smooth and bubble free – no splashing! From the pot we got 7 bottles of beer. We tasted some of the beer left in the pot and it was not bad! Warm and flat but no obvious flaws – which I have been worrying about because of the high fermentation temperatures. The beer was fermenting in the carboy in the pot – so if it blew off it wouldn’t make a mess. The metal was cold and I think this helped keep the temperature of the beer lower than the temperature in the room.

My wife and I stopped by Applebee’s to pick up a party platter of wings for our party. My wife was in the passenger seat holding my carboy of beer. The girl who came out to the car saw it and asked what it was. I explained today is bottling day and this was our homebrew. After a few questions, she told us that homebrewing seemed like something single people would do, but we were married and the car seat in the back meant we had a kid. “You’re cool parents” she told us. Glad other people know it. Now to make sure my son never forgets it!


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